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    Brave New World: The London Haydn

    In December 1790, shortly before his departure for London, Joseph Haydn (1732 – 1809) dined with his friend and former pupil Mozart, and the Dutch aristocrat, Baron Gottfried van Swieten.

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    Topics: Mozart, Beethoven, Messiah

    The Trials of Mozart

    Prototypical wunderkind. Revolutionary composer. Precocious firebrand. Today, it is typically in this highly romanticized light that people choose to remember Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Growing up with such talent during what is viewed as the golden age for artistic patronage, it is no wonder that Mozart’s life is often described as a carefree one full of limitless opportunity and tragically cut short.

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    Topics: Mozart, Childhood, Aloysia Weber

    Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

    Derived from the Italian wordsereno(which means "calm"),serenataoriginally referred to an evening song or performance for purposes of courtship. By the late 18th century, however, the term serenade denoted a chamber work typically intended for light entertainment. As a musical form, the serenade grew increasingly popular and important especially during theClassicalandRomanticperiods.

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    Topics: Mozart, Serenades, serenato