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The latest from Primephonic

    10 High-Res Recordings of Handel's Messiah

    primephonic offers Handel's Messiah in high resolution downloads, from WAV to 99 KhZ to 24 bit FLAC, in 10 masterful interpretations. Bring these monumental sounds to your own living room with the superbly iconic oratorio of George Frideric Handel in high-res.

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    Topics: FLAC, High resolution, Messiah

    From the Recording Studio: A Conversation with Dirk Fischer

    The Berlin-based record label Solaire was founded by a team of producers, music writers and industry experts with decades of combined experience. Solaire aims to create a community beyond just being a label, addressing what they define as original, daring and exciting interpretations. We caught up with Solaire's Dirk Fischer whose production philosophy centers around conveying the immediacy of a live performance in an impeccable quality studio recording.

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    Topics: Dirk Fischer, Solaire, Studio recording