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    From the Recording Studio: A Conversation with Dan Merceruio

    Dan Merceruio of Sono Luminus is renowned as a producer and the evidence is in the superb albums under his belt. Merceruio, who has been a producer for the label since 2006, has worked with groups of various styles and sizes and was nominated for the Grammys in 2012 and 2016.

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    Topics: Sono Luminus, Collin J. Rae, Grammy

    Is belief possible for modern man? - A Grammy-nominated album by Ståle Kleiberg

    Norwegian composer Ståle Kleiberg’s star has been steadily rising in recent years, 2013’s operaDavid and Bathsheba attracting his second Grammy Award. His oratorioMass for Modern Man dates from two years later and, like much of his music, its defining signature is heartfelt emotion.

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    Topics: Ståle Kleiberg, David and Bathsheba, Mass for Modern Man