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The latest from Primephonic

    Playlist: Dark Sides

    There are many mysteries surrounding the lives and deaths of some well-known composers: occult practices, witchcraft and spiritualism, murder and dismemberment – the list goes on. Let us shed some light on the dark sides of composers lives with our Dark Sides playlist, only on Primephonic.

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    Topics: Death, Modest Mussorgsky, murder

    Playlist: The Dies Irae

    The melody of the dies irae or ‘day of wrath’ is possibly as old as the 6th century. The tune was traditionally set to a Latin poem, describing judgement day – a trumpet call summons all souls to God’s divine judgement of salvation or damnation. This dark, historic melody has captured the imagination of many composers since then. Take a listen to the Dies Irae playlist, only on Primephonic.

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    Topics: Death, Halloween, Dies Irae

    Schubert: Who can ever do anything after Beethoven?

    Franz Schubert died on this day in 1828. primephonic examines the composer's last days in whichSchubert, an earnest admirer ofBeethovenallegedly expressed his wish to hear Beethoven's last quartet on this deathbed.

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    Topics: Death, Beethoven, Schubert