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The latest from Primephonic

    Classical music must get streaming on point today

    We pioneered Primephonic as the Classical Collective, a digital platform where you can find every classical music piece ever recorded. While we were going at lengths explaining our digital ambition to many other labels, Steve Long, Director of Signum Records, was the first independent label who came to us and said ‘we want to be part of it’. 

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    Topics: Audio, Streaming, classical music

    The Festive Sound System from Bowers & Wilkins

    At the end of May 2015, Bowers & Wilkins announced some extraordinary news. They would provide the sound system for a few selected festivals. Since this factory is best known for their high-endloudspeakerswhich are used by audiophiles around the world and in studios like Abbey Road, it is pretty peculiar that they would start building a sound system for festivals.

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    Topics: Speakers, Audio, Sound

    Sonic vs Aesthetic Trends in Technology

    The digital age is one of endless possibilities in choosing hardware or software products, whether we are looking for technical quality, durability or aesthetic beauty. Sound engineer Jordy van Wijk shares some experience in consumer choices when it comes to audio technology.

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    Topics: Audio, CD, Mostly Mozart Festival

    Understanding Audio Formats: DSD vs FLAC vs WAV

    Books could be written on the topic of the longstanding debate about which audio format is the best. Nowadays however, the average audiophile has specific preferences: a certain audio hardware configuration, combined with stable digital playback software. But is there an audio format that is the 'best', or is it after all just a matter of taste? Let's dive into the already hotly debated discussion: FLAC or DSD or WAV?

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    Topics: Audio, DSD, Audiophile