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Review: Star Wars - The Ultimate Digital Collection

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This is a HUGE collection of music, more than 340 minutes of music (a bit more than 5.5 hours of nonstopStar Warsmusic!), perfect for the diehardStar Warsfan. The music from Episodes II through VI are compiled together for this grand collection performed by theLondon Symphony Orchestra, for whichJohn Williams composed the music.

As is to be expected by the major label,Sony Classical, the sound quality is excellent, leaving me very aurally satisfied.

The original recordings of the first trilogyA New Hope(Episode IV, 1977),The Empire Strikes Back(Episode V, 1980), andThe Return of the Jedi(Episode VI, 1983) are included, though they have been remastered. For those familiar with the original LP recordings, I’m sure it would be interesting to compare them with the remastered digital version. I was unable to compare these remastered versions with the originals, but despite this, I can say with certainty that the sound quality is outstanding, in clarity and warmth of sound. The recording also promises to be an improvement upon previously released collections.

Much has already been written and said aboutJohn Williams’s masterful writing for theStar Warsfilms, and there is not that much more to add. The orchestral writing is intricate, layered and at times, intense, romantic, and/or energetic. The music is presented in the way John Williams intended, when performed independent of the film.

Many highlights ofThe Return of the Jediscore are not present in this collection, as it contains only 45 minutes of music. More than an hour of music is provided for each of the other films.

The music is presented with the prequels first followed by the original trilogy. It is also interesting to begin with the original 1977 film, and continue in chronological order of the release dates, something that is very easy to do with a digital collection.

This collection also marks the first time that the original double LP album fromThe Empire Strikes Backhas been released digitally.

I would recommend this collection not only toStar Warsand John Williams fans, but also to audiophiles who can appreciate the wonderful remastering and get a kick out of comparing the original LPs with this digital version.


Performance: 5 stars

Sound: 4.5 stars

Melanie Garrett

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John WilliamsStar Wars - The Ultimate Digital Collection

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Star Wars - The Ultimate Digital Collection

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