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Passion at Primephonic

Walking into the office, you immediately feel it’s more a home than a company. Iconic classical album covers decorate the corridors, and beautiful quotes about music and art line the walls. 

Wandering around the islands of desks reveals a variety of decorations and props on every desk, plants in the corners, and sheet music here and there. Entering the ballroom, a high-ceilinged hall with a piano as its centrepiece, cozy little couches await you. It’s a miniature concert hall, and you can almost hear the echoes of end-of-week chats, games, laughter, and impromptu performances bouncing off of its dome-shaped ceiling.

Passing through the door into the ‘Bistro Concerto’, a room lined with tables and couches. This is where a daily meal is shared by everyone in what is arguably the coziest and richest-cuisine restaurant you’ll come across, with dishes prepared from every corner of the planet. It is also the place where casual art and music workshops take place in a one-of-a-kind delicacy. 

Adding the mingling of minds - of 35 people of more than 20 different nationalities - to this setting ensures striking conversations, jokes, discussions and bonds. People of various personalities, cultures and backgrounds and have found a common trait that unites them all: Passion.

Mere words can’t capture the Primephonic office atmosphere or company culture.. Granted it might sound somewhat cheesy, but working for a company devoted to classical music is inspiring. This motivating environment is coupled with its day-to-day perfect imperfections; much like any new start-up, a buzzing workload and projects done on an ad-hoc basis are typical. And while the company matures into a structured organization, the road is filled with learning and development opportunities in and outside of one’s specialization.

I am passionate about marketing and love my job. Before joining Primephonic, I was looking to work in a company where the overarching vision is driven by more than mere material gains. I had several different offers back then but chose to work at Primephonic because, more than anything else, passion is what drives everyone here. Whether it’s a love of classical music or dedication to a particular function, people enjoy doing what they do and are doing it to ensure a future for classical music. I am both lucky and proud to be part of such a team, and if you can relate to any of my words, then you’ll love working at Primephonic.