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From intern to CX specialist: my journey at Primephonic

Everything started on 3 July 2018, when I was celebrating my graduation in Musicology in a bar next to the University of Milan. I was proud of myself and enjoying this important achievement I worked so hard for. 


My excitement was challenged by a middle-aged man at the bar who chose to interrupt such a joyous and important occasion to make remarks about my job prospects. In Italy, a Masters degree in Musicology is considered by some as 'una condanna alla disoccupazione' which translates as 'sentenced to unemployment'. 



I was determined to prove this guy wrong. Ten days later I started my research on LinkedIn looking for a job in the music industry and I found Primephonic “The streaming service for classical music”. They were looking for an intern in the Catalog Team preferably a musicologist. I was a musicologist and I really thought “this is exactly what I was l searching for: the perfect combination between music and innovation”. My CV and my motivation letter were carefully considered and I received a call from Carlotta (HR Manager) a few days after my application. Obtaining an internship in the music industry via LinkedIn without any recommendations is possible! 


The hiring process was something really exciting to me. I was so thrilled about the idea of working for Primephonic that I agreed to schedule my second round of interview at 11 p.m. (Amsterdam 11 a.m.) while I was having my holidays on a Hawaiian island and a hurricane approached! 


I got the good news “Congratulations on your new role!” a few days later and my journey at Primephonic started on the 10th of September 2018. I started as an intern in the Catalog Team where I learned so much about how the Primephonic catalog works, I contributed to the Artist Profiles creation project, and I published two playlists only after a couple of months at Primephonic. I was really happy about these achievements. 


After six months, it was proposed to promote me from intern to Product Trainee to learn more about the product and be able to work in the Customer Support department after the traineeship. A totally different role and a new experience that I was thrilled to undertake. Since then, I got to know more about our product vision, how we prioritize, how we treat our customers, how to make the best out of the feedback we collect from them. In almost two years my responsibilities at Primephonic grew and my talents are leveraged as much as possible. I am now the Customer Experience Specialist at Primephonic and the part I enjoy the most is my contact with users. There is no product without users and I am proud to be the bridge between the user needs and our team. Having video calls with users from Canada, United States, South Africa, Israel, Italy, is what really makes me happy. Trying to understand users’ needs and reporting them to the team is a crucial part of my job. There is so much more I am willing to discover and I am looking forward to seeing what’s next! 

What I am most grateful for is that my desire for career development is something that my mentor Veronica cares about. I’m also thankful that I can celebrate my accomplishments with my peers. What makes working at Primephonic special is that my colleagues are my friends and Primephonic is not just a company but a family. 


I hope you all will eventually find a working environment as enjoyable as Primephonic.