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    Lieder and Opera Go Hand-In-Hand: An Interview with Irish Mezzo-Soprano Ann Murray

    From trouser roles to feisty female characters, Dublin-born operatic mezzo-soprano Ann Murray has had a dazzling career ever since her first title role in Gluck's Alceste in the mid-1970s. As she retires from the stage and turns her attention towards encouraging the next generation of young singers, her recordings, honours and reputation stand as a credit to her long and extraordinary career in opera.

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    Topics: Opera, Ireland, Lieder

    Composing, Conducting & Gender Inequality

    Although orchestras and music classrooms are full of women, finding the female equivalent of Beethoven has obviously not yet occurred and will prove hard to come by. Rachel Deloughry draws our attention to inequalities surrounding the stance of women in music.

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    Topics: Gender, Woman, Alma Schindler

    10 High-Res Recordings of Handel's Messiah

    primephonic offers Handel's Messiah in high resolution downloads, from WAV to 99 KhZ to 24 bit FLAC, in 10 masterful interpretations. Bring these monumental sounds to your own living room with the superbly iconic oratorio of George Frideric Handel in high-res.

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    Topics: FLAC, High resolution, Messiah

    Pianos and their Makers: The Big Four

    The “big four” piano manufacturers are frequently regarded as Bechstein, Blüthner, Bösendorfer and Steinway. Something they have in common the fact that they all began in Europe at a time when piano was beginning to dominate the concert stage.

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    Topics: Maker, Blüthner, Steinway & Sons

    Famous Burial Grounds of Composers

    Vienna, Austria

    No cemetery in the world has more graves of great and illustrious classical composers than the enormous Central Cemetery in Vienna, Zentralfriedhof Wien. These celebrated tenants make the cemetery a famous tourist attraction for Austria’s music capital.

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    Topics: Strauss, Beethoven, Brahms

    Understanding Audio Formats: DSD vs FLAC vs WAV

    Books could be written on the topic of the longstanding debate about which audio format is the best. Nowadays however, the average audiophile has specific preferences: a certain audio hardware configuration, combined with stable digital playback software. But is there an audio format that is the 'best', or is it after all just a matter of taste? Let's dive into the already hotly debated discussion: FLAC or DSD or WAV?

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    Topics: Audio, DSD, Audiophile