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The latest from Primephonic

    Deathly November

    Beginning with All Hallows Day followed by the Day of the Dead, November is a curious month of celebrations of endings and beginnings, as we start to say goodbye to autumn.

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    Topics: All Saints Day, The Day of the Dead, the late

    Michael Collins - Clarinettist, Conductor, Mentor

    A distinguished ambassador for the clarinet, Michael Collins’ sensitivity and astounding technical brilliance sets him apart as a clarinettist of the most esteemed stature and he continues to inspire the younger generations of musicians worldwide.

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    Topics: BBC Symphony Orchestra, Clarinet, Michael Collins

    A Tribute to Ten American Composers

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the American orchestral repertoire gravitated towards Austro-Germanic traditions, while operatic life followed in the German, French and Italian way. This would soon change. The 20th century in the United States of America was a time of extraordinary artistic developments, brought along by technological achievements. 

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    Topics: John Williams, John Cage, Charles Ives

    Farewell Sir Neville Marriner

    Sir Neville Marriner, one of the world’s greatest conductors, has died aged 92. He is probably most strongly associated with theAcademy of St Martin in the Fields, which he founded in 1958. The academy initially consisted of twelve players who met to rehearse in Neville’s front room and took their name from the church in which they gave their first performance. The academy soon expanded into a chamber orchestra of astounding reputation, of which Marriner became life president in 2011.

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    Topics: Pentatone, Conductor, Pierre Monteaux

    6 Space-Related Music Facts - For Life on an Epic Scale

    There’s something ethereal about music that speaks to humanity. Music expresses emotion sonically without the need for language or text. Music doesn’t even need to be understood to be enjoyed.

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    Topics: William Herschel, Dmitri Shostakovich, The Voyager Interstellar Record

    The Chronicles of Streaming: A Conversation with Pete Downton

    From physical CD to Napster file-sharing and from iTunes to purpose-built classical streaming platforms with richer metadata and room for discovery, the classical music industry has evolved beyond what any industry maverick could have foreseen. The ability of technology to change how we listen to music has had a game-changing effect which has accelerated considerably from the turn of the millennium up to the present day. primephonic editor Rachel Deloughry had the opportunity to speak to Pete Downton, Deputy CEO of 7digital about this exciting era.

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