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The latest from Primephonic

    An Interview with Nimrod Borenstein

    Nimrod Borenstein’s vivacious personality is infused in his music. The British-French-Israeli composer has been collaborating with eminent conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy over the past decade, this year finally making a recording together on Chandos.

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    Topics: Composer, Perfection, Vladimir Ashkenazy

    Remembering Claudio Abbado

    This day marks a year since the death of Claudio Abbado, one of the world’s most prominent conductors. His name is one of the giants in classical music and his work extends far beyond the conductor’s podium into the core of music.

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    Topics: Berlin Philharmonic, La Scala, Claudio Abbado

    Classical Music Epic Fails

    Over the history of classical music, there have been many amusing and/or ironic mishaps documented. I am not referring to audiences walking out on symphony premieres or riots breaking out, such as the famous Rite of Spring riot.

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    Topics: Erik Satie, Jean Baptiste Lully, Berlioz

    From the Recording Studio: A Conversation with Dan Merceruio

    Dan Merceruio of Sono Luminus is renowned as a producer and the evidence is in the superb albums under his belt. Merceruio, who has been a producer for the label since 2006, has worked with groups of various styles and sizes and was nominated for the Grammys in 2012 and 2016.

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    Topics: Sono Luminus, Collin J. Rae, Grammy

    Celebrating Beethoven

    This time of year celebrates the 245th birthday of one of the most renowned cultural heroes of the Western world. Ludwig van Beethoven’s name has long been elevated to legendary status, as composer of some of the most thought-provoking and exhilarating musical works of all time.

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    Topics: Beethoven, Piano, Birthday

    Inseparable: Paris and Culture

    In an interview with Le Monde, a Paris police officer referred to last week’s attacks as “something from Dante’s Hell”. The world has turned its eyes and ears towards Paris in the past week, and tried to come to terms with what happened - the human stories of horror, suffering and subsequently of solidarity and the displays of humanity as we process what happened in places of the ever-bustling night life in the city of lights.

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    Topics: Opera, Ballet, Paris