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The latest from Primephonic

    US Streamers: Not as Happy as you Think

    The future of streaming in the US and its challenges 

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    Topics: Streaming, classical music, research

    How Classical Music Listening Could Double in the US

    Classical music does not have a popularity problem (it has an access problem)

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    Topics: Streaming, classical music, research

    2019 State of Music Streaming Report

    60% of music streamers report frustrations by their streaming experience. The 2019 State of Music Streaming report reveals what music streamers want from their listening experience.

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    Topics: Primephonic, classical music, streaming music

    Music Industry Leaders Discuss “Classical Music in the Digital Age”

    On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at Lincoln Ristorante in New York City, Primephonic, a new streaming service dedicated to classical music, hosted a panel focused on classical music in the digital age.

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    Topics: Primephonic, Streaming, classical music

    Highlighted release: Manfred Symphony (PENTATONE)

    This week's highlight is the Manfred Symphony, with the Russian National Orchestra and conductor Mikhail Pletnev. A SACD-release by PENTATONE and one of the first to feature the rebranded artwork. 

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    Topics: Mikhail Pletnev, Russian National Orchestra, Manfred Symphony

    De Profundis

    Metropolitan Hilarion, who has recorded his De profundis for Pentatone, sheds light on the sheer passion that inspired the impressive work, with an interview with PENTATONE.

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    Topics: The Songs of Death, Concerto grosso, Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev