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The latest from Primephonic

    Playlist: World of Carols

    Every country that celebrates Christmas has its own music to go with it. Take a musical tour of traditions around the globe with our World of Carols playlist.

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    Topics: Carols, Villancicos, Wexford Carol

    Playlist: Revolution

    Throughout history revolutions, social movements and military affairs have long had a significant impact on the arts. Discover another side to major events in world history with our collection of musical artefacts created around the Storming of the Bastille through to the Cuban Revolution.

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    Topics: Revolution, French Revolution, Cuban Revolution

    Playlist: Dark Sides

    There are many mysteries surrounding the lives and deaths of some well-known composers: occult practices, witchcraft and spiritualism, murder and dismemberment ā€“ the list goes on. Let us shed some light on the dark sides of composers lives with our Dark Sides playlist, only on Primephonic.

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    Topics: Death, murder, Modest Mussorgsky

    Interview: Alexander Melnikov, Part II

    "If you are going to play Schubert sonata in the evening you are not supposed to fly in the morning from one hemisphere to another. You are supposed to stay one year in one city, and think about it for twenty minutes every day."

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    Topics: Alexander Melnikov, Part 2, Pianist

    Interview: Alexander Melnikov, Part I

    Alexander Melnikov is a Russian-born pianist with a truly inspiring biography. Early encounter with Sviatoslav Richter, winning prizes at the International competitions in Brussels and Zwickau and discovering the interest towards historic instruments.

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    Topics: Alexander Melnikov, Sviatoslav Richter, Concertgebouw

    The Oriental Charm

    The unexplored sceneries, sounds and flavours of the East have long fascinated Westerners ā€“ tempting them to risk their lives on endless adventures across the ocean, hoping to get to the other side of the world alive. 

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    Topics: Claude Debussy, Gamelan, Estampes