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The latest from Primephonic

    From the Recording Studio with Nick Parker

    From Pyongyang to Abbey Road, sound engineer and producer Nick Parker has a wealth of experience, dating back to the days of long-playing records and casettes and editing with razor blades. Nick Parker's career as a producer has brought him into every sort of recording situation you can imagine, going literally almost all the way to Timbuktu. 

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    Topics: Producer, Abbey Road, Nick Parker

    Sonic vs Aesthetic Trends in Technology

    The digital age is one of endless possibilities in choosing hardware or software products, whether we are looking for technical quality, durability or aesthetic beauty. Sound engineer Jordy van Wijk shares some experience in consumer choices when it comes to audio technology.

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    Topics: Audio, CD, Mostly Mozart Festival

    Tan Dun: Constantly Bending the Boundaries

    Creating music that is constantly bending the boundaries of cultures and artistic disciplines. We are talking about Tan Dun, the award-winning composer who is celebrating his 59thbirthday today! This Chinese-born contemporary classical composer and conductor is one of the most prominent exponents of a musical language that so successfully blends Eastern and Western traditions.

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    Topics: Hidden Dragon, Tan Dun, Nine songs