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    Article: Getting on the Night Mail

    When Benjamin Britten joined the team of the General Post Office Film Unit as a composer, aged 23, he took on his first regular paid composing work less than three years after he graduated from the Royal College of Music.

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    Topics: Benjamin Britten, Documentary, Playlist

    Report: The Leeds International Piano Competition

    Eric Lu, a twenty year-old pianist from the United States of America, won the Leeds International Piano Competition final on Saturday, wowing audiences and judges alike with an electrifying performance of Beethoven’s fourth piano concerto with the Halle Orchestra. 

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    Topics: Leeds International Piano Competition, Eric Lu,

    Caged Pianos

    Listen to any one of John Cage’s works for solo prepared piano written in the 1940s and 1950s and you’re transported to curiously unorthodox world. The many different sounds you hear are generated not by a variety of individual instruments, but by one. An adapted piano, played by one person.

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    Topics: John Cage, Prepared Piano, Solo Piano