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The latest from Primephonic

    A Tribute to Dmitri Hvorostovsky

    The colourful life of a memorable artist has come to an end. Lyric baritone Dmitri Alexandrovich Hvorostovsky, known for his dark granular timbre, silvery crop, and stoic yet captivating stage demeanour has died prematurely at the age of 55.

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    Topics: Don Giovanni, The Royal Opera, Faust

    Much Adés About Nothing: Madness in Modernity

    Any musician involved in performing contemporary music will be able to relate to this: a certain bone of contention between the manner in which music is notated and the musicians whose job it is to interpret, or indeed decypher, these scores.

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    Topics: Adés, Madness in Modernity, Anthony Leigh Dunstan

    Interview: Michel van der Aa on Contemporary Opera

    Michel van der Aa– the 'pin-up boy' of the Dutch National Opera or a true composer's composer? Michel speaks honestly with budding young composer Anthony Dunstan about his career and dispels any notion of grandeur with his hard-working down-to-earth approach to the making of his richly multi-media operas.He speaks about composition, his life as an opera-maker in the 21st century, his collaboration with Barbara Hannigan and how the use of film in opera can create a dream-like mood.

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    Topics: Composer, Opera, Michel van der Aa

    A Conversation with Erkki-Sven Tüür

    We talk with the living Estonian legend Erkki-Sven Tüür about his recent Ondine release while he composes in his studio, close to his country house on the picturesque island of Hiiumaa - a fact that surely seeps inexplicably into his spectacularly rich music. 

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    Topics: Erkki-Sven Tüür, In Spe, Clarinet Concerto

    Robot Musicians

    Music technology is exploding with cross-pollinating projects, researches, and inventions pushing the creation of music via technology to dizzying heights. For living and breathing musicians and composers, what implications can be deduced? 

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    Topics: Performing, Robot Musicians, Machine

    Famous Orchestral Horn Moments

    It's the month of the horn! French horn, that is. Our in-house horn enthusiast Anthony Dunstan will take you through his tips for finding the most iconic horn moments in the orchestra.

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    Topics: Dark tone, Orchestral, German