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The latest from Primephonic

    From intern to CX specialist: my journey at Primephonic

    Everything started on 3 July 2018, when I was celebrating my graduation in Musicology in a bar next to the University of Milan. I was proud of myself and enjoying this important achievement I worked so hard for. 

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    Joy Through Time

    One of the traits that people across centuries and countries have in common is their need for self-expression. Dating as far back as 2500 B.C., music seems to be one of the most ideal outlets for mankind to vent out their emotions. How does music convey the same emotion throughout different centuries and countries? Are there any common characteristics? What is the inspiration behind the different musical works and how do composers translate it into music?

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    The Odyssey to Primephonic - Onboarding a new hire from Colombia to Amsterdam during Covid-19

    At Primephonic, we compete with big names such as Spotify, Amazon Music and Deezer in creating the best music streaming service for classical music fans globally. Being a niche player, our users not only expect the same features in an established streaming service, but even more ‘wow’ features in relation to enjoying classical music.

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    Passion at Primephonic

    Walking into the office, you immediately feel it’s more a home than a company. Iconic classical album covers decorate the corridors, and beautiful quotes about music and art line the walls. 

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    Interview: Douglas Knehans

    Douglas Knehans (b. 1957) is a world-renowned composer. His fresh and energetic style contains a captivating vitality that makes every listener feel alive. If the broader audience has not heard of his music yet, time will certainly tell. Primephonic met him in Brno where his label ABLAZE Records recorded a brand-new album with the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.

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    Leveraging hidden co-occurrence relationships in classical music to develop an inexpensive recommender system

    Nowadays it’s pretty clear that to be successful, you need to incorporate data as part of your core business strategy, but getting the best out of your data is not always as simple as it sounds. You read about AI, machine learning, deep learning, big data, neural networks, etc., but what does this mean for a young startup?

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    Topics: Streaming, data science, Machine learning